Huie O. Martin Snr. CFPM, CSI, RSEP I am a true culinary professional, I have made a mark on the culinary world through my extraordinary skills and unwavering dedication to the profession. Born in Jamaica, my journey started at the Old Casa Blanca Hotel in Montego Bay, where I worked as a dishwasher as a teenager. It was during this time that my passion for cooking was ignited, and I decided to pursue a career in the culinary arts.

Determined to expand my culinary skills, I seized the opportunity to work onboard a cruise ship, which led me to ports in Florida. For ten years, I immersed myself in the culinary world, gaining valuable experience and sharpening my skills. Eventually, Florida became my permanent home, and I took a significant step towards enhancing my expertise by enrolling at Keiser University's Center for Culinary Arts in Melbourne, Florida. There, I obtained an associate degree, paving the way for further academic achievements.

Driven by passion for continuous learning, I pursued a Bachelor of Science in Culinary Arts and Food Service Management at Johnson and Wales University, solidifying my theoretical knowledge and practical understanding of the culinary field. With a strong educational foundation and a wealth of experience, I was ready to embark on my culinary journey and fulfil mu dreams.

In 2008, I founded Hibiscus Catering, a catering company that quickly gained recognition for its exceptional service and delectable cuisine. My attention to detail and top-quality presentations attracted high-profile clients like Boeing, Kennedy Space Center, Patrick Air Force Base, and Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. The reputation of Hibiscus Catering soared, and I decided to expand my culinary ventures by opening Hibiscus Cafe and Catering. The establishment became a favorite among food enthusiasts, who marveled at my culinary creations and unwavering commitment to quality.

My culinary journey took me to various establishments, where I continued to excel and leave a lasting impact. I showcased my expertise at the Courtyard Marriott in Cocoa Beach, where I delighted guests with sumptuous dishes and culinary creativity. Additionally, my role as a traveling executive chef for Hawthorn Retirement allowed me to cater to diverse clientele and took me across the United States, further honing my versatility and adaptability. An impressive addition to my resume was when I accepted the executive chef position at Holiday Retirement in New Bern, North Carolina where I further displayed my culinary prowess.

Currently, I serve as an executive chef in the healthcare industry, this is a testament to my versatility and adaptability. In this role, I not only mentor young cooks, but I satisfy the taste buds of those most in need and ensure that their dietary requirements and nutritional guidelines are met. This dedication to providing wholesome meals highlights my personal commitment to using my culinary skills to positively impact the well-being of others.

My rise from a humble dishwasher to an accomplished executive chef is a testament to my unwavering dedication, hard work, and continuous pursuit of culinary excellence. My journey has taken me through various ventures, and my notable client list speaks volumes about my abilities. My culinary creations have left a lasting impact on those fortunate enough to experience them, solidifying my reputation and my legacy as a true culinary professional extraordinaire.

With this impressive biography that showcases my remarkable rise in the culinary field, I serve as an inspiration to aspiring chefs. My unwavering commitment to the profession, coupled with my continuous pursuit of culinary innovations, has established me as a true professional in the industry. Through my culinary expertise and passion, I pledge to continue to support and defend the culinary profession and to inspire others to follow in my footsteps.

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